Burlington School of Ballet - Etiquette & Dress Code

To help ensure that every child has a rewarding experience learning to dance, please review our expectations as a family.

  1. Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before class to prepare themselves appropriately
  2. Students must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the class has finished. We are unable to supervise children after their class has ended. If you are delayed for any reason, please contact the school before your child’s class ends.
  3. Student’s hair must be neat and in place. Longer hair must be in a bun before entering the dance studio. Loose hair interferes with our students' progress as it takes their minds off dancing and wastes time.
  4. Absolutely no gum past the front door of the studio.
  5. Proper dance attire must be worn at all times.
  6. Leotards and tights should be washed after every class.
  7. No jewelry in class.
  8. No make-up to be worn in class. Clear nail polish only.
  9. Street shoes are to be left at the front door.
  10. A positive tone must be observed at all times in the studio and in the change room. Loud talking and fooling around are not acceptable.
  11. Parents wishing to discuss their child’s progress should send a note to the studio. A mutually convenient time will be arranged.
  12. Leave all valuables and money at home. We cannot be responsible for any lost items.

Dance Dress Code

Baby Ballet & Pre Ballet
Leotard Pink, short sleeved, cotton
Shoes Pink ballet slippers
Tights Pink
Ballet skirt Pink
Leotard Black sleeveless
Shoes Pink ballet slippers
Socks White
Junior Level Ballet
Leotard Ainslie Black Style AW102
Shoes Pink ballet slippers, split sole
Tights Capezzio convertible pink
Senior Level Ballet
Leotard Ainslie Black Style AW128KL
Shoes Pink ballet slippers - split sole, pointe shoes*
Tights Capezzio convertible pink
*Please do not purchase pointe shoes without first consulting with the school.

Primary to Grade 2
Black shorts, White t-shirt, White socks, Black slippers
Grade 3 to Elementary
Black tights, White t-shirt, White socks, Black slippers

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